Oh Such Tasty Sandwiches!

Oh Such Tasty Sandwiches!

As a melting pot of people from all corners of the world, Israel has truly developed into a mecca of culinary gourmet cuisine. I am truly lucky to live in a country that offers amazing variety of foods, and is also a haven for those who are vegetarians and vegans. 

At Rak Kacha (רק ככה) an Israeli-based sandwich restaurant, Chef Rotem Ben Moyal takes his craft to a whole new level of deliciousness. Each sandwich can be prepared either in a pita or fresh small challah bread. “I came up with this concept for a sandwich that I would make on a Friday before the weekend starts and extended it for the whole week without any rules. This sandwich is meant to make you forget everything and enjoy.” said Chef Moyal.

I came to taste the variety of sandwiches as well as some side dishes. Chef Moyal brought us a selection of sandwiches, each in a fresh individual challah bread which held its content very well. I really enjoy the schnitzel sandwich, the kebab sandwich, carne asado sandwich, chicken sandwich, as well as a vegetarian sandwich which was a shwarma made of cauliflower. Each sandwich had its unique flavor and was absolutely delicious. Each sandwich was accompanied with french fries. It was an absolutely delicious meal.

If you are in Israel, be sure to visit this restaurant. An absolute must try and enjoy again and again. You can find Rak Kacha on Instagram on Rak Kacha’s Facebook Page for even more delicious and mouth watering photos.

Bon Appetit or as we say in Israel Be’Te’Avon (בתיאבון).

All photos are courtesy of Hadar Oknin.